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5 Defense Options from an Experienced Murder Defense Lawyer in Bakersfield CA

November 28, 2019

5 Defense Options from an Experienced Murder Defense Lawyer in Bakersfield CA

If you are accused of homicide, then your first step should be finding an experienced murder defense lawyer in Bakersfield CA. At Chambers Law Firm we are here to offer you a free legal consultation. In the meantime, you can read on to learn about five potential defense options for your case.

  1. It Was an Accident
  2. In order to be found guilty of murder, the District Attorney must prove that you knowingly and willingly took the action that led to another person’s death. It may be that your actions did lead to someone’s death, but if it was an accident then your murder defense lawyer in Bakersfield CA may suggest using this as your defense.

  3. You Have an Alibi
  4. It is impossible to be in two places at once. If you have a valid alibi who can testify that you were in another location at the time of the murder, and did not have time to get to the scene of the murder, then this is a strong defense. However, you can count on the District Attorney working to poke holes in your alibi. If it is a family member, the D.A. may work to prove that they are lying on your behalf.

  5.  Your Confession Was Coerced
  6. It is not uncommon for a person to “admit” to a crime because the police coerced them into doing so. Common tactics including leaving the suspect alone in a room for hours, not allowing them to see their friends or family, or telling lies that would make any reasonable person falsely confess to get out of trouble or keep their loved ones out of trouble. Your murder defense lawyer in Bakersfield CA can decide if your confession meets the legal definition of having been coerced.

  7. Mistaken Identity
  8. It may be that the police have picked you for a murder charge because you fit the description. It may be that they have no other evidence. If the entire case of the prosecution depends on eyewitness testimony, then they have a weak case and your murder defense lawyer in Bakersfield CA may recommend taking it to a jury.

  9. You Were Acting in Defense of Yourself or Another Person
  10. In the state of California, it is legal to use force to protect yourself or another person from immediate bodily harm. This includes deadly force. If you reasonably believed your life was in danger and took the appropriate action then this is what we will argue.

Now is the time to request a consultation with Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210. During this consultation, we will listen to the basics of your case and determine the best way to proceed. Do not face this charge alone and do not face it without an experienced murder defense lawyer in Bakersfield CA.

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