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Are You the Victim of False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse? We Can Help

October 30, 2019

Are You the Victim of False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse? We Can Help

You do not have to be convicted of child molestation or another form of child sexual abuse to have your life ruined. Just the accusation that you have committed this crime can be enough to ruin your life. That is why you need an aggressive, committed, and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon discovering the accusations that have been levied against you. Keep reading to find out how Chambers Law Firm can help you and then contact us at 855-397-0210 for a consultation.

The Definition of Child Molestation

In the state of California, child molestation is actually a fairly broad crime. The prosecution is required to prove that you willfully touched a child somewhere on their body or caused them to touch themselves or you, and that you did this for sexual reasons. Note that this does not require touching the genitals of the child – even touch a child over their clothing on their arm could technically be child molestation if the prosecution could somehow prove that it was done for sexual reasons.

What Happens When an Accusation of Child Molestation is Made?

In many cases, the person actually accusing a person of child molestation is not the child themselves but is actually a parent or other authority figure in the child’s life. These generally well-meaning people contact the police who then interview the child. These interviews all too often include leading questions that can lead to a false recounting by the child.

Generally, the accused will be brought in for questioning if the police believe there is credible evidence of abuse. Unless you have been arrested, you will not be read your Miranda Rights. However, you do have the right to remain silent and you should not talk to the police without a lawyer present. Even though you have been falsely accused, you would be surprised to learn what can be used against you. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that talking to an attorney makes you look guilty. Call Chambers Law Firm right away.

How an Attorney Can Help

In cases of child molestation, it often comes down to the word of the accuser against the word of the accused. The truth is that it can be an uphill battle to convince a judge or jury that a child is lying – especially if the child has been coached.

The good news is that you are still legally innocent until proven guilty. At Chambers Law Firm we will build a defense based on the specifics of your case. This often involves simply focusing on the facts. A traumatized child is not enough to prove that any particular person committed a specific crime. We will fight for you from day one. To talk to an attorney who believes in you and the importance of your defense, contact us at 855-397-0210 for a consultation.

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