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Defending Against a Three Strikes Case

February 28, 2019
A skilled attorney can use several strategies to defend against a Three Strikes case California has one of the harshest sentencing schemes in the country with its “Three Strikes” law.  Under this law, which was first enacted in the 1990’s, repeated offenders who are convicted of serious or violent felonies (or “strikes”) have significant time…
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Are There California Crimes without a Statute of Limitations?

February 28, 2019
There are three categories of crimes that do not have a statute of limitations in California  For most criminal offenses in California, prosecutors are bound by a statute of limitations.  This is a period of time that limits when a criminal charge can be brought.  Statute of limitations are designed to ensure that defendants receive…
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Couple Accused of Abuse May Be Eligible for Elder Parole

February 28, 2019
The Turpins will be eligible for a parole hearing in 2044 It was a case that shocked the nation. After one of their children escaped and told her story to the police, David and Louise Turpin were arrested for torturing and abusing their 13 children. The children had been chained to their beds, were not…
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Sex Crimes–What is a “CSAAS” Expert?

In many cases involving sexual molestation or other sex crimes involving children, it is common for the prosecution (and sometimes the defense) to call a Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ("CSAAS") expert. This expert, typically a psychiatrist or psychologist, seeks to provide insight to the jury concerning why children are reluctant to disclose sexual abuse and how children attempt to Continue Reading