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Proposition 47: Top 6 People who are Actively Promoting Prison Reform in California

December 17, 2014
Proposition 47 passed in California last month. Now those who commit various nonviolent offenses such as drug possession, shoplifting, and writing bad checks (when the amount is less than $950) won’t be convicted on felony charges. Instead, they’ll be charged with misdemeanors, greatly reducing prison sentences and fines. The money freed up from this proposition…
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Proposition 47: A cultural, financial, and political shift

December 16, 2014
Proposition 47 downgrades some nonviolent crimes such as drug possession and shoplifting (when the amount affected is less than $950) from being charged as felonies and wobblers (crimes that could be charged as felonies or misdemeanors) to misdemeanors. This is an enormous shift from the tough-on-crime stance of years past to an active effort to…
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Top Advice from an Orange County, California Criminal Attorney

December 15, 2014
“I’m being charged with a crime in Orange County! What should I do?” I hear this from people all the time, so I’d like to pass along some advice I give all my Orange County, California clients to increase understanding and decrease stress as much as possible. Here are my top 5 tips for any…
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Got a DUI in Pomona, California? Here’s What To Do

December 13, 2014
When you’ve got a DUI charge on your hands, it’s tempting to totally panic and not do anything. That’s not a good idea. The likelihood of your case reaching a favorable outcome relies on you acquiring a knowledgeable, hard-working attorney to defend your case. Look for someone who has lots of experience because experience not…
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Sex Crimes–What is a “CSAAS” Expert?

In many cases involving sexual molestation or other sex crimes involving children, it is common for the prosecution (and sometimes the defense) to call a Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ("CSAAS") expert. This expert, typically a psychiatrist or psychologist, seeks to provide insight to the jury concerning why children are reluctant to disclose sexual abuse and how children attempt to Continue Reading