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Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Have Been Charged with a California Criminal Offense

February 28, 2019

Make smart decisions to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome

Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Have Been Charged with a California Criminal OffenseIf you have been charged with a California criminal offense, you are likely feeling a range of emotions — panic, stress, and anxiety may be just a few of them.  If you are new to the criminal justice system, you may not be sure how to act, or what to say or do.  That is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA — and to listen to their advice.

It is far too easy to make a mistake when you are worried about pending criminal charges.  Even a small error can have serious repercussions on your case. Follow these tips to increase your odds of a successful outcome.

  1. Talking to the Police without an Attorney

It’s a line that most people can recite by heart: “you have the right to remain silent, anything that you say can and will be used against you….”.  We hear this time and again on television and in movies, yet when it comes to our own lives, few people seem to remember it.

According to a criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA, this isn’t unusual.  Being interrogated by the police is stressful.  Many people believe that they can talk their way out of the situation, or they simply talk because they are nervous.  Unfortunately, this rarely works out for them.  The simple fact is that the police are not your friend.  If they are interrogating you, it is because they are trying to get you to incriminate yourself. Don’t fall into this trap.

If you have been arrested or are being interrogated by the police, exercise your right to remain silent.  Tell the police that you will not speak without your criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA.  Talking to the police can harm your defense — so avoid doing it at all costs.

  1. Being Active on Social Media

In 2019, many Californians are addicted to social media, from Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat to WhatsApp. If something major is going on in your life, it may be tempting to talk about it online, either on your own social media account or in an “anonymous” forum.  Don’t do it.  Anything that you say about the case can and will be used against you.  No matter how much you may want to share information or even plead your innocence, refrain from posting anything online about your case.

  1. Opening Up to Friends and Family

Similarly, you probably want to unload about your worries to your friends and family.  This can also be a mistake.  Depending on what you say and who you say it to, your words could come back to haunt you.  The people that you talk to could be called to testify against you — and your words could be entered into evidence in your criminal trial.

If you need to discuss your case, talk to your criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA.  You may also seek out therapy to talk about the matter and how it’s affecting you in a confidential setting. Avoid talking to family and friends (other than your spouse), as they may be witnesses against you if your case goes to trial.

  1. Not Respecting the Court

In our criminal justice system, judges hold a lot of power.  Showing respect for the system — and the court — can help your case significantly.  By the same token, being disrespectful can harm your case.  If you show up late, dress casually or otherwise act as though the case is not important to you, the judge may believe that you aren’t taking the situation seriously.  That could have an impact on your case.

  1. Hiring an Inexperienced Lawyer

A conviction in a California criminal matter can have an impact on your entire life.  Not only will you potential face criminal sanction such as jail time and fines, but you could lose your job, your standing in the community, and your professional license.  The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA with experience handling the type of charges that you are facing.

At the Chambers Law Firm, we are experienced at defending clients against a range of criminal charges.  Contact us at 855-397-0210 or dchambers@clfca.com to schedule a free initial consultation.

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