Five Reasons You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Facing Federal Charges

Five Reasons You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Facing Federal Charges

If you have been charged with a federal crime, it is essential that you choose a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in federal crimes. Keep reading to learn five reasons this is true. Then contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 to request a free legal consultation.

  1. Federal criminal cases differ from state criminal cases in several ways
  2. First and foremost, facing federal criminal accusations is not the same as facing charges in state court. In federal proceedings, everything is different, from the procedures to the substantive concerns that might make or break the prosecution’s case. You’ll need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer on your side if you want to have any chance of winning.

  3. Federal criminal cases are quite difficult to understand
  4. Federal criminal cases are notoriously difficult to understand. Every level of the process, from the government’s investigation to the federal grand jury procedure and trial, necessitates a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and rules.

  5. Federal criminal cases are quite dangerous
  6. As previously stated, federal criminal trials are exceedingly dangerous. You might face years or decades in prison, as well as terrible financial consequences. In summary, you have much too much to lose if you don’t do everything you can to protect yourself, which begins with hiring a lawyer with necessary skills.

  7. There are several ways to achieve a positive outcome
  8. You will have defenses accessible regardless of the facts of your case. If the government is still looking into your case, you might be able to reach an agreement before charges are filed. However, you will need to rely on the strategic representation of an experienced attorney in order to accomplish so.

  9. There are only a few ways to get out of a conviction
  10. While there are many alternatives for obtaining a good outcome prior to a verdict, there are few options for overturning a conviction. As a result, regardless of the circumstances, you cannot expect your verdict to be overturned on appeal. Even the best appellate counsel won’t be able to aid you if you failed to preserve grounds for appeal throughout your trial.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to hire a federal criminal defense attorney if you are facing federal charges. The good news is that all you have to do is contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 for a free legal consultation. We can determine your best options and get your case moving forward.

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