Get the Facts About Assault and Battery Charges in California and How You Can Fight Them

Get the Facts About Assault and Battery Charges in California and How You Can Fight ThemAssault and battery are not the same thing; they’re two different offenses that are frequently charged together. In California, assault is defined as a person who knowingly attempts to damage another person, whereas battery is defined as actually inflicting harm. To put it another way, attack is actually only a prelude to battery, whereas battery is the actual act of violence. Chambers Law Firm is here to defend your rights if you’ve been charged with both or either.

Assault and battery can result in severe consequences

When a person is charged with assault and battery, the specific consequences will be determined by the sort of harm attempted and the severity of the injuries sustained. You might be charged with simple assault instead if the injuries are modest.

The bulk of assault and battery offenses are prosecuted as misdemeanors, which can result in punishments such as community service and up to a six-month sentence to the county jail.

Assault with a lethal weapon, aggravated assault, and aggravated violence resulting in serious harm, on the other hand, are felonies punishable by many years in state prison. Those convicted of assault and battery against a police officer or assaults and batteries committed as part of domestic abuse usually face the worst punishments.

You certainly have alternatives when it comes to your defense

We’ll carefully analyze your case, your side of the story, and the evidence against you when you engage with Chambers Law Firm. We’ll then collaborate with you to choose the optimal legal strategy. In certain situations, this may include demonstrating that you were acting in self-defense or to protect others. If this is the case, the courts could think your acts were justifiable.

We may alternatively argue that your acts or words were not intended to cause harm, or that you lacked the physical ability to carry out your threats of violence. We may even argue that the injuries were caused by chance.

In other circumstances, if the evidence against you is overwhelming, the best course of action may be to request that the charges against you be reduced. For example, if the injuries caused were not substantial enough to warrant being classed as a felony, we may be able to get felony charges reduced to misdemeanor charges.

Your best option is to hire an assault and battery lawyer

If you’ve been charged with assault and battery, the greatest thing you can do is hire an attorney who will fight to protect your rights. When you contact Chambers Law Firm, you can rest certain that our offices will employ every legal technique available to get the best possible result. You and we both don’t want this charge to ruin your life. Our exceptional legal counsel and smart and proactive legal strategies are guaranteed. Contact us now at 714-760-4088.

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