Has Your Child Been Arrested in California? Learn How to Navigate the Confusing Juvenile System

Has Your Child Been Arrested in California? Learn How to Navigate the Confusing Juvenile System The criminal system for minors is very different from that for adults. When a kid is arrested, their whole legal process takes place in a juvenile court, which has specific rules and regulations. You should contact a California juvenile criminal defense attorney straight away if your child has been detained and/or charged with a crime. Contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 now to learn more.

When a juvenile gets arrested, several things might occur

There are several possible outcomes when a person under the age of 18 gets arrested in California. The police may make a note of the arrest and then release the suspect, they may deliver the suspect to a facility that provides care and/or counseling, they may demand that the suspect return to the police station (this is known as being “cited back”), they may issue the minor with a “notice to appear” outlining the specifics of the arrest and the date of their subsequent court appearance, or they may detain the minor.

A child who is arrested gets to make two phone calls

A young person who has been arrested receives two calls. They must make their first phone call to a parent or guardian, another relative, or their employer. They must contact a lawyer on their second call. The policeman who made the arrest must get in touch with the minor’s parents or legal guardians. The juvenile has the same right as an adult to be informed of their Miranda rights.

The fundamentals of child court procedures

Your child’s case will be handled differently depending on the allegations brought against them, their prior court history, and other considerations. Your child may attend a number of hearings, such as a detention hearing to decide whether to keep the case in juvenile court or send it to adult court, a disposition hearing at which a sentence is handed down, and adjudication, which is similar to a trial but is conducted by judges rather than juries in juvenile cases.

Potential punishments for children found guilty of crimes

The court will impose a sentence depending on the guilty person’s age, the gravity of the offence, their criminal history, and other considerations. The judge may order the guilty person to reside with guardians while under court supervision, place the person on probation, send the person to a probation camp, or place the person in juvenile jail.

They will initially be taken to a reception facility, where they will stay for one to two months, if they are transferred to juvenile hall. To ascertain the kind of education and/or therapy the condemned person needs.

You must deal with a qualified lawyer

You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately if your child has been arrested. The matter must remain in juvenile court, your child must have a fair trial, and we must make sure that both immediate and long-term repercussions are kept to a minimum. To schedule a legal consultation, call Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 right immediately.

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