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The Most Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a California Criminal Defense Attorney

June 30, 2017

The Most Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a California Criminal Defense Attorney

Most people who need a criminal defense attorney never imagined that they’d need one. Yet when the time comes to hire an attorney, there’s a lot going on – and it can be a challenge to think critically. At Chambers Law Firm we want your business and are here to help you through your case. That said, we also want each client to find the right attorney for their needs. Read on to learn the most important questions to ask an attorney you’re considering.

Do you practice criminal defense exclusively?

The best option is to hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law. The more often they’re in the criminal court system, the more familiar they will be not only with your case but with the judges and prosecutors they’ll be dealing with. This can make it easier to get the best plea deal, have the case dismissed, or otherwise get the situation handled in the best possible way.

Have you handled a case like mine?

Criminal law is a big field. If you’re being charged with drug crimes you don’t want to hire an attorney who has only handled domestic violence charges. Most attorneys will agree to take whatever type of case you’re dealing with, so be sure they actually have the experience to back up their enthusiasm.

Do you have experience going to trial?

The goal of course is to have your case dismissed but you want to hire an attorney who’s willing to go to trial if necessary. Prosecutors know California attorneys. They know who’s going to fight them to go to trial and who’s going to plea no matter what. Don’t let your attorney’s disinterest in going to trial result in a harsher punishment for you.

How long have you been practicing law?

There’s no question that criminal law is a challenging field. You need an attorney who is experienced in defending people. Ask for their success rate and be clear about what it means. Is it how many cases they’ve had dismissed? How often they’ve gotten a verdict of not guilty? In some cases, the best possible outcome is to have charges significantly reduced. You want an attorney who’s open to all possibilities.

Can I have a free case evaluation?

You should never pay for your initial consultation. Why? Because it’s essentially a chance for you to interview the attorney and for them to get the basics of your case. While they’re not going to sit down and spend hours with you for free, they should be willing to offer their general advice concerning your charges, give you their fee schedule, and let you know what your basic options are. This consultation will go a long way to show you if they’re the right choice for you.

Now is the time to find the right attorney. Reach out to Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 to get started. We’re here to offer a free case evaluation and help you move forward.

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