Orange County DUI Attorney Earns Top Award from Avvo

Dan E. Chambers continues to earn top marks on Avvo from satisfied clients

 Orange County DUI Attorney Earns Top Award from AvvoDan E. Chambers was recently selected as a recipient of’s Clients’ Choice Award, based in part on his work as an outstanding Orange County DUI attorney. This recognition marks him as one of’s Top Attorneys for Criminal Defense. By looking at Dan’s Avvo profile, you can clearly see why he has earned these accolades. In particular, three main areas of his profile stand out.

Client Reviews

It should come as no surprise that as a winner of the Clients’ Choice Award, Dan E. Chambers has excellent client reviews on Avvo. He even has a perfect 10.0 rating on the site, a number that comes from a sophisticated mathematical model that uses multiple different factors including client reviews to generate an unbiased picture of an attorney’s standing. Out of all his client reviews, there is not a single one that gives Dan less than 5 stars in any area of service, including trustworthiness, responsiveness, knowledge, and communication. Both first time defendants and individuals who have worked with many different attorneys in the past reported feeling that their case was in excellent hands with Dan as their criminal defense attorney.

Peer Endorsements

Avvo also provides a forum for attorneys to review and endorse one another’s services. Dan has an ample collection of peer endorsements from expert attorneys across the country, which serves as a testament to his knowledge and expertise in all kinds of criminal defense matters. Here’s what one attorney had to say about Dan: “From his answers and time on Avvo, it is clear he is dedicated to serving those in need and his clients. It’s rare that lawyers spend so much valuable time helping the community, for free, and I applaud him for doing it to such a great level. Kudos.”


Another way you can tell that Dan E. Chambers deserves his Clients’ Choice Award is that he is an active and respected participant in the Avvo community. In addition to connecting the public with reputable attorneys, Avvo strives to provide a forum for people to seek answers to tough legal questions. Dan has answered thousands of legal questions on Avvo and been named a Top Contributor for Criminal Defense several times. He has even written a Legal Guide for the site on DUI field sobriety tests, an area that is especially familiar to him as a leading Orange County DUI attorney.

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