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Immigration Crimes

As your immigration defense attorney, we will fight to defend you against charges for all kinds of deportable crimes

The intersection of criminal law and immigration law is an extremely complicated legal area with potentially life-altering consequences for defendants. If you have become embroiled in a criminal defense matter that could affect your ability to remain in the US and pursue your residency or citizenship goals, it is essential to contact an experienced immigration crimes defense attorney such as Chambers Law Firm ASAP.

Types of Immigration Crimes

There are two main situations that call for the aid of an immigration crimes defense attorney:

Violations of Immigration Law: The United States has many complicated—and some might say unfair—laws on the books regarding immigration. If you have been accused of entering the country illegally, overstaying your visa, or some other violation of US immigration laws, you will be subject to legal action by the Department of Homeland Security.

Deportable Crimes: There are many kinds of criminal convictions that can affect your immigration status and potentially lead to deportation. Examples include “crimes of moral turpitude,” aggravated felonies, drug offenses, gun crimes, and domestic violence crimes.

You Need a Defense Attorney Who Understands Immigration Law

If you’ve been accused of a deportable crime, you cannot turn to just any criminal defense attorney. Why not? Because certain legal strategies that may be perfectly valid for US citizens may not be appropriate for non-citizens. If your attorney does not know the difference, they may end up providing bad advice that could get you deported.

For example, say you have been accused of a minor drug offense. In most situations, it would be wise to plead guilty in order to get accepted into a drug diversion program and avoid the possibility of jail time. However, if you are not a citizen, pleading guilty would make you deportable, meaning the “deal” really offers you no advantage. The best course of action would be to continue to fight the charges, as only a dismissal or acquittal would protect you from both immigration and criminal penalties.

Trust Chambers Law Firm for the Best Possible Defense

At Chambers Law Firm, we are not afraid to fight difficult cases in court when appropriate. We understand the legal statutes on all kinds of California crimes in detail, as well as the rules of evidence. We will work hard to find and implement the best legal strategy for your particular case, with the goal of helping you to avoid any unfair or undeserved convictions that could jeopardize your immigration status.

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