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Repeat Probation Violations Can Lead to Serious Consequences Without the Help of an Attorney

June 11, 2018

Repeat Probation Violations Can Lead to Serious Consequences Without the Help of an Attorney

The state of California considers putting you on probation a privilege they are extending to you. If you do not meet all conditions of your probation then you could be charged with violating your probation and sent back to prison or jail. If you are found to be repeatedly in violation of your probation then you could be facing serious consequences. Do not face them alone – contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for a legal consultation.

Make sure you understand the conditions of your probation

There are many conditions that must be followed when you are on probation. For example, you may have to check in with your probation officer on a regular basis, you may have to take a drug test when requested, either regularly or randomly, and you may not be able to leave the state without notifying the law. You may have a rule that you cannot commit any crime, even a minor moving violation. You may be required to keep a job, stay in school, and pay your fines.

In the event your arrest was related to alcohol or a drug crime, then you may be required to take part in rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If your charge was a violent one, then you may have to take part in anger management classes. The judge may impose community service hours on you as well. In short, the judge can set up your probation essentially however they want and it is up to you to ensure you understand every condition.

Potential punishments for probation violation

When accused of violating your probation, you will have a hearing. This protects your rights and ensures that you can defend yourself. Sometimes a probation officer will not issue a Violation of Parole unless they are 100% sure that you have violated your parole. In other cases, you may be arrested for a violation before you have had any chance to respond to the allegations. This hearing is your chance to work out any miscommunications.

In the event that the judge agrees that you violated your probation, then you will be resentenced in most cases. This means that your probation will be revoked and you will go back to the sentence that had been suspended. For example, consider that you got two years in jail and four years of probation. The judge may then cancel that probation and send you for the two-year jail sentence instead. However, the judge has discretion to try something else.

Let us help you get through this difficult time

While the judge does have the option of sending you back to prison, they can also restore your probation. If they choose this option then they will likely add other conditions to that probation. When you have an experienced criminal defense attorney helping you through this process, we can argue on your behalf. We can come up with a creative option that satisfies the judge but keeps you out of jail. Contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 to find out more about your options.

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