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Work with an Experienced DUI Lawyer in Adelanto CA for a Wealth of Options

There are many reasons to choose an experienced DUI lawyer in Adelanto CA, including the fact that we can offer a wealth of options to you. We begin by looking at the evidence against you and then consider the facts to find the best possible defense option. Keep on reading to learn more and then contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 to request a free legal consultation.

Your DUI Lawyer in Adelanto CA May Argue That You Were Illegally Stopped

One of the options may be to show that you were illegally stopped. If the police did not have probable cause when they puled you over, or if they did not follow all the applicable laws at the DUI checkpoint, then your rights have been violated. If that is the case, then any evidence obtained must be deemed inadmissible and a likely outcome is that the charges will be dropped.

Was Your Breathalyzer or Blood Test Unlawfully Administered?

Another option for your DUI lawyer in Adelanto CA is to show that the tests that allegedly showed that you were intoxicated were not correctly administered. There are rules and regulations that must be followed. If they are not, then evidence against you may not be admissible. For example, it is a requirement that the police observe an alleged intoxicated driver for 15 minutes before they administer a breathalyzer.

Were Medical Issues the Cause of Your Alleged Intoxication Symptoms?

Your DUI lawyer in Adelanto CA will carefully consider whether there is another medical condition that could be responsible for you seeming to be intoxicated. For example, if you smoke, are diabetic, or drink on a regular basis, then it is possible a breathalyzer would say you had a high blood alcohol content when you did not. The same may be true if you are on a fasting diet.

Was Your DUI Arrest Due to an Innocent Reason?

It may be that you appeared to be intoxicated for reasons that had nothing to do with drinking. You may have had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech could be due to the fact that you were tired. You may have started a new medication. It is also normal to be nervous around the police, which can lead to behavior that may make you appear guilty. Your DUI lawyer in Adelanto CA will fight for your rights if this is the case.

Now is the Time for a Free Consultation with a DUI Lawyer in Adelanto CA

If you are facing a DUI charge then we strongly recommend that you contact Chambers Law Firm sooner rather than later. With our wealth of experience, we can consider all the aspects of your case to find the best way forward.Call us at 714-760-4088 and we can get started.

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