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An Experienced DUI Lawyer in Alhambra CA Can Provide a Number of Defense Options

If you find the right DUI lawyer in Alhambra CA, then your chances of getting a fair deal for your DUI charge will be significantly increased. At Chambers Law Firm we will begin by looking at the evidence to find the best possible defense option. Keep reading to discover some of the most common defense options that may work for your case, then contact us at 714-760-4088 to request a free legal consultation.

Your DUI Lawyer in Alhambra CA May Argue That You Were Illegally Stopped

One of the options may be to show that you were illegally stopped. If the police did not have probable cause when they puled you over, or if they did not follow all the applicable laws at the DUI checkpoint, then your rights have been violated. If that is the case, then any evidence obtained must be deemed inadmissible and a likely outcome is that the charges will be dropped.

Your DUI Lawyer in Alhambra CA May Argue that Your Blood Test or Breathalyzer Was Incorrectly Administered

California law includes specific requirements and regulations regarding how breathalyzers and blood tests must be administered. If these rules and regulations are not exactly followed then the results of these tests are not legal. One example is that the police must observe you for 15 minutes before administering a breathalyzer. If they do not do so, then your DUI lawyer in Alhambra CA may be able to argue that a recent drink, a burp, or even vomit caused the inaccurate reading.

Your DUI Lawyer in Alhambra CA May Argue That a Medical Issue Affect Your Breathalyzer Results

There are certain medical conditions that can result in having alcohol-like compounds on your breath. If this happens, then a breathalyzer can inaccurately count them toward your BAC and show you to be intoxicated when you are not. This can happen to people who smoke, to diabetics, to people who drink regularly, and to people who are taking part in a fasting diet.

Your DUI Lawyer in Alhambra CA May Argue That There is an Innocent Explanation

It may be that you seemed intoxicated, that you were slurring your speech, your eyes were bloodshot, or you were unsteady on your feet, but there was actually an innocent explanation for this. For example, you may have just started a new medication and not realized how it affected you, you may have been tired, ill, or simply nervous.

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