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We Are a Firearm Attorney in Alhambra CA Who Can Help with Many Different Charges

There are stricter gun laws in California than in almost any other state. This can make it difficult to stay in compliance or to even understand all the potential ways you could be unknowingly breaking the law. No matter what your specific charge is, if it is related to weapons then you can count on Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 to be able to help. Call us now and let us provide a free consultation.

Get Help with Charges of Possessing an Illegal Gun or Illegally Possession a Gun

When you work with an experienced Firearm Lawyer in Alhambra CA, we can help you with any gun charges, including charges of illegally possession a weapon such as an assault weapon, stun gun, or certain types of armor-penetrating ammunition. Additionally, if you are charged with possessing a firearm that was not lawfully licensed, we can help with this too. Remember that if you take an unlicensed gun out of your home or work, you can face a minimum of 42 months behind bars.

How to Respond to Charges of a Felony with a Gun

In the state of California, a person who has been convicted of a felony loses their right to own a gun. If you are a felony who owns a gun, you could be charged with a crime. Even some people who have been convicted of specific misdemeanors, such as domestic violence, can lose their right to own a gun. If you are charged with or accused of this crime, contact a firearm attorney in Alhambra CA before talking to the police.

A Firearm Attorney in Alhambra CA Can Help with Charges related to Carrying a Loaded Gun or Brandishing a Weapon

It is illegal to openly carry a loaded gun without a special permit. If you are carrying it in certain restricted areas, such as a school or government building, additional penalties can be applied. It is also illegal to brandish a weapon, which involves displaying or drawing a firearm (or other deadly weapon) in a way that is deemed angry or threatening. If a person is injured during this crime, then additional penalties can be assessed.

Call a Firearm Attorney in Alhambra CA if Shots Were Fired

If you were involved in a situation in which shots were fired, then it is worth it to consult with a firearm attorney in Alhambra CA. This is true even if no one was hit by a bullet. It is true even if you were simply shooting up into the air near a friend’s house. It is true even if you were just in a vehicle and someone shot from the vehicle.

There are several potential legal problems you could face if you were involved in an incident in which shots were fired. You can Contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 now for your free legal consultation.

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