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Hire an aggressive murder defense lawyer in Anaheim CA early to protect your rights and your future.

Are you trapped at the center of a murder investigation? Are you afraid police will land on you as their number one suspect? Obviously the situation is quite serious. You may be feeling extremely stressed, overwhelmed, and alone. But in reality, your course of action is simple:

Hire a murder defense lawyer in Anaheim CA immediately.

You do not need to wait until you are actually arrested or charged with murder to do this. Hiring an attorney early won’t make police think you are guilty–it will make them think you are wise. Hiring an attorney protects you from making any mistakes in your interactions with police that could harm your case.

3 Vital Ways Your Attorney Can Help

Protecting your rights: Unfortunately, police sometimes get overzealous when investigating serious crimes like murder. They may violate suspects’ rights by failure to Mirandize, coercing a confession, intimidating a witness, or collecting evidence by illegal search and seizure. With an experienced murder defense lawyer in Anaheim CA like Dan on your side, you can rest assured any violations will be noted and dealt with to ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

Investigating the case: Your defense attorney and his team will dedicate considerable effort to investigating the facts of your case. This includes reviewing the prosecution’s evidence and looking for ways to disprove or undermine this evidence.

Securing a fair outcome: Drawing on his 20+ years of experience, Dan can identify the best legal strategy for your case and then work aggressively to implement it. Depending on the evidence, this may include seeking a plea deal that will reduce the charge from murder to a lesser charge, or seeking an acquittal at trial.

Your Choice of Murder Defense Lawyer in Anaheim CA Matters

Of course, any representation is better than no representation. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just trust your case–and your future–to the first murder defense lawyer in Anaheim CA you happen to find.

Instead, you need to be careful to select a top-rated attorney like Chambers Law Firm who will give your case the expert attention it deserves. Dan will handle your case personally and you will be able to reach him directly on his cell phone whenever you need him.

Start Building Your Defense Today

Remember, it is never too early to consult a murder defense lawyer in Anaheim CA. If you value your rights and your freedom you will take this advice. It all starts with a free initial consultation with Dan. Call 714-760-4088 now to schedule yours.

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