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You Are Not Out of Options: Learn How a Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Anaheim CA Can Help

Too often, people who are facing a Third Strike conviction feel as though they are out of options. They feel that their only choice is to plead guilty and accept the consequences. The fact of the matter is that there are options available to you. Keep reading to learn more or contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 for a free legal consultation.

Let an Experienced Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Anaheim CA Fight the Harsh Penalties You Are Facing

If true justice was done, a person would face penalties for the crime they were convicted of committing. Unfortunately, the Three Strikes Law goes against this idea. When it is implemented, a person convicted of a crime gets a penalty for a current conviction based on previous convictions they have already faced the consequences for. Do not go into this fight without an experience three strikes defense lawyer in Anaheim CA.

Only Certain Felonies Count as a Third Strike

According to California law, only certain felonies count as a third strike. Not only must it be a felony but it must also be considered “serious” or “violent” by the court. For example, rape, kidnapping, child molestation, assault with a deadly weapon using a firearm, and some drug charges. If you are facing one of these types of felonies then you need to talk to a Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Anaheim CA.

We Can Work to Beat the Third Strike Charge

There are a few ways in which we can work to help you when facing a third strike, including showing that there is not enough evidence to convict you of the charges you are facing. If you are not convicted of the crime then it cannot count as a Third Strike. This is the best possible outcome you three strikes defense lawyer in Anaheim CA can work for because it results in no penalties.

It is Possible to Have the Charge Reduced to a Non-Strikable Offense

Another option is to negotiate with the District Attorney and get the charges reduced to a charge that does not come with the Third Strike sentencing enhancements. If there is a wealth of evidence against you then this could be the right way forward.

Getting a Previous Strike Removed from Your Record May Be the Best Choice

A Romero Motion allows a judge to dismiss previous strike convictions. We can file a request that the judge considers this. The judge would then look at the charge you are facing now, how serious your previous charges were, and other information about your legal history. Your three strikes defense lawyer in Anaheim CA will work to show the judge that justice would not be served by adding third strike penalties to your conviction.

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