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We Will Help You Fight the War Against Drugs

You are provided certain rights in both the federal constitution and the California state constitution. Unfortunately, under the guise of the war on drugs, many people’s rights are being stripped from them. At Chambers Law Firm you will find a Drug Possession attorney in Beaumont CA who believes in your rights, who believes in you and will stand by you during your case. Call us now at 714-760-4088 for a free consultation.

Do Not Rely on Recent Changes to California Drug Laws

While it is accurate that there have been recent changes to California drug laws, in particular Prop 47 that removes felony charges for low-level drug offenses, do not assume that this means you do not need a Drug Possession attorney in Beaumont CA. the fact of the matter is that these changes only help in very specific situations – and the prosecution can change your charges at any time.

You Could End Up Facing Additional Charges

When you are choosing the right Drug Possession attorney in Beaumont CA, do not assume that you only need an attorney who can handle the charges you were arrested for or initially arraigned for. The truth is that the charges against you could change. You need an attorney who can help with all drug charges such as:

  • Drug possession.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • DUI of drugs.
  • Drug sales / transportation.
  • Drug manufacturing.
  • Prescription fraud.

At Chambers Law Firm we are proud to offer help with these and other charges. The next step is a free consultation by calling us at 714-760-4088.

Talk to a Drug Possession Attorney in Beaumont CA to Discover Your Defense Options

No matter how it may seem, there are defense options available to you. The best way to find out about your best options in the particular situation you are in is to talk to a Drug Possession attorney in Beaumont CA. One thing we will look at is whether the police acted within the law. If they did not, then we may be able to have evidence dismissed. Some examples of law enforcement misconduct include:

  • Being stopped without reasonable cause
  • Your case relying on unreliable informants
  • Defects in the search warrant against you
  • Violations of search and seizure laws
  • Entrapment
  • Not Mirandizing you before questioning you

If you have reason to believe that your rights may have been trampled on, contact us at 714-760-4088 right away.

We Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

If there is a wealth of evidence against you, we Can still help. We may be able to negotiate a lighter sentence for you. Depending on the specifics of your charge, we may be able to negotiate to get you drug diversion instead of a conviction. This prevents jail and allows you to get help instead of being punished. Contact Chambers Law Firm at  714-760-4088 now to speak to a Drug Possession attorney in Beaumont CA.

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