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You’re in expert hands with Dan E. Chambers as your criminal defense attorney in Buena Park CA

Don’t take chances with your freedom and your good name when you get arrested or charged with a crime. You can get the immediate help you need from expert Buena Park CA criminal defense attorney Dan E. Chambers. Dan will begin helping you by using his contacts to help you post bail as soon as possible. He will also begin scrutinizing the evidence against you so he can build an effective defense. During his many years working as a criminal defense attorney in Buena Park CA, Chambers Law Firm has developed expertise in all kinds of cases, such as:

  • DUI Crimes in Buena Park:

Whether you are accused of driving over the legal limit of alcohol or while impaired by a prescription drug or illegal substance, Dan can help.

  • Sex Crimes in Buena Park:

A conviction for a sex crime like sexual misconduct or sex trafficking can haunt you for life. Get the best chance of beating the charges against you or getting plea deal with Dan’s help.

  • White Collar Crimes in Buena Park:

Embezzlement, forgery, fraud, theft, burglary, trade secret theft, and other white collar crimes can be highly technical. You need an attorney like Dan who’s not afraid to wade through the details to find facts that can support your defense.

  • Internet Crimes in Buena Park:

As your criminal defense lawyer in Buena Park CA, Dan can defend you against charges of cybercrime, internet fraud, technology crime, online identity theft, online stalking, and more.

  • Violent Crimes in Buena Park:

Dan can serve as your Buena Park CA criminal defense lawyer in serious cases involving serious crimes and serious penalties. He has experience in defending against allegations of homicide, murder, vehicular manslaughter, aggravated arson, domestic violence, elder abuse, and assault & battery.

Your Case is Always a Priority

The last thing you want is to end up with a Buena Park CA criminal attorney who doesn’t have time to give your case the attention it deserves. Dan treats every case as a priority, because he knows that even a minor offense is a big deal to the person accused of it.

This Buena Park Criminal Defense Attorney Loves a Challenge!

You definitely don’t want a criminal attorney in Buena Park CA who is afraid to think outside the box handling your case, because they might miss an important piece of evidence. Dan is creative, aggressive, and energetic in his approach to each and every case, and never takes a factory assembly line approach to creating a legal defense. Because Dan actually welcomes hard work, he will thoroughly investigate every detail of your case as your criminal defense attorney in Buena Park CA. He won’t be satisfied until he’s exhausted every avenue in his efforts to create an expert, personalized legal strategy for your case.

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