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Are you facing charges for a gun violation or related crime? Expert Buena Park CA gun charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help.

Individuals who violate California’s gun laws can end up facing serious legal consequences. This can be true even in cases involving an innocent mistake, like forgetting that lead ammunition has been banned or hastily firing a shot into the air when threatened. Having an expert gun charge attorney in Buena Park CA on your side can make all the difference. If you are facing charges for illegal possession of a weapon or any other gun-related crime, contact Chambers Law Firm now. He can provide assistance with the process of posting bail as well as begin securing evidence for your defense immediately.

Types of Gun Charges

Sales, possession, carrying, and use of guns are all controlled by state law. Specific examples of gun charges include:

  • Selling a gun without a license
  • Possessing an illegal gun
  • Failing to register a gun imported from another state
  • Carrying a loaded gun in public
  • Carrying a concealed gun without a license
  • Discharging a gun from a vehicle
  • Assault with a deadly weapon

Dan E. Chambers has ample experience serving as a gun attorney in Buena Park CA for clients accused of just about every possible type of gun crime. Dan understands the law and when he gives your case his undivided attention you can rest assured he’ll come up with a highly effective legal strategy.

Beating Gun Charges

Depending on the type of gun charge you are facing, you may have several different options for your legal defense. For instance, police search methods should always be examined by your gun charge attorney in Buena Park CA in any kind of gun charge case to ensure that evidence was not gathered illegally. Dan will identify the key lynchpins of the prosecution’s case and then set about gathering evidence to undermine those key points and topple the case against you.

This Gun Charge Attorney in Buena Park CA Will Fight For Your Rights

California gun control laws are strict enough without the threat of having your rights infringed by overzealous prosecutors or police. With Dan E. Chambers as your gun charge lawyer in Buena Park CA, you can rest assured that you will have a tenacious and dedicated professional in your corner to stand up for your rights. Unlike your average gun lawyer in Buena Park CA, who might be content to provide a one-size-fits-all solution or hand your case off to a junior associate, Dan will deliver a highly personalized and effective legal strategy created just for you.

Get Help NOW

If you have been arrested for a gun crime or even if you are still just a suspect, it’s never too early to contact an expert gun charge lawyer in Buena Park CA. Dan E. Chambers is available 24/7  on 714-760-4088 to provide advice, help you post bail, and represent you in court.

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