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Get the best chance of receiving a charge reduction or diversion with help from Buena Park CA petty theft attorney Dan E. Chambers

Shoplifting is probably the most common form of petty theft, but many other incidents involving unlawful taking of property worth less than $950 can also qualify as petty theft. If you have been charged with petty theft based on any sort of alleged incident, you need to consult a skilled petty theft attorney in Buena Park CA such as Chambers Law Firm as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Dan E. Chambers as your Petty Theft Lawyer in Buena Park CA

There are numerous reasons to choose Dan E. Chambers as your petty theft lawyer in Buena Park CA rather than relying on a public defender or forgoing counsel altogether. First of all, you need an attorney because the prosecution will not necessarily automatically enroll you in a charge reduction or diversion program. You need an experienced attorney like Dan to help convince them to go easy on you. Also, Dan is a truly dedicated Buena Park CA petty theft attorney who will work hard for you and actually care about the outcome of your case. An overworked public defender might not be so caring. You can rely on Dan to leave no stone unturned in the effort to resolve your case favorably, and you can always reach him on his cell phone with questions.

Possible Defenses for Petty Theft

If it is your first time being charged with petty theft, it is probably in your best interests to enter a guilty plea and go the charge reduction or diversion route. However, if the evidence against you is not strong, or if you already have one conviction, Dan E. Chambers can help you prepare an expert defense. With Dan as your Buena Park CA petty theft lawyer, you can rest assured you will receive expert advice about your best options, including the possibility of using any of the following common petty theft defenses:

  • You did not intend to steal or shoplift the item
  • The item actually belonged to you or you reasonably believed it did
  • The person who owned the item consented to you taking it
  • The evidence against you was obtained illegally
  • It was a complete case of mistaken identity

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