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Are you facing charges for any type of firearm violation? Expert Chino CA firearm charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help

Officials tried to create a summary of California firearms laws for easy public reference, but even the summary is 18 pages long and quite complicated. It’s no surprise people accidentally violate firearm laws without even knowing it. As a leading firearm charge attorney in Chino CA, Chambers Law Firm understands all the ins and outs of state as well as federal law. He can help you prepare a strong defense for the charges against you, no matter what type of firearm charges those might be.

Dan E. Chambers Takes All Kinds of Firearm Cases

The laws governing firearms cover a wide range of activities, and as a seasoned firearm attorney in Chino CA, Dan E. Chambers has worked in all these areas:

Sales: Violations related to firearm sales can happen if you sell a gun without going through a licensed California firearms dealer or fail to enforce the mandatory 10-day waiting period.
Possession: Examples of charges involving illegal firearm possession include a felon owning a gun, a new California resident failing to report their out of state gun, or anyone owning an assault weapon.
Carrying: California has numerous laws regarding concealed and non-concealed transport and carrying of firearms. In general, you may carry your loaded firearm while on your own property, but if you are out in public with a loaded weapon but you don’t have proper authorization you will probably end up getting arrested and having to call a firearm lawyer in Chino CA.
Discharge: In general, it isn’t a good idea to fire your weapon unless you are using it in self defense. California has specific penalties for firing weapons negligently, firing from a moving vehicle, and firing on occupied or unoccupied structures.
Related Charges: If you allegedly used your firearm to commit a crime, you could face additional charges for assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon, or making “threatening acts” with a firearm on a public street. Lucky for you, Dan E. Chambers is more than just a firearm charge attorney in Chino CA and is actually skilled in all kinds of criminal defense matters.

Why You Need an Expert Firearm Attorney in Chino CA

While some firearm charges are always charged as misdemeanors, others can be charged as felonies and may come with the threat of serious jail time. If you allegedly fired your gun while committing a serious felony, a judge could use sentencing enhancements to make you serve 10 years for using the gun and 20 more for firing it, plus an additional 25 if anyone was seriously hurt.
When the stakes are so high, you obviously need the best firearm charge lawyer in Chino CA you can find. You can rely on Dan E. Chambers to leave no stone unturned in his search for the strongest possible defense to the charges against you. Call Chambers Law Firm today 714-760-4088 to get help posting bail and start building your defense as quickly as possible.

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