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Criminal Defense Attorney in Chula Vista CA

Your case is in expert hands with Dan E. Chambers as your criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA

Criminal Defense Attorney in Chula Vista CAWhen you're the target of a criminal investigation, time is of the essence in protecting your rights. Ask Dan E. Chambers to be your criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA and you can get the expert assistance you need right away.

No Case is Too Large or Too Small for Dan

No matter how light or heavy the penalties you may face, you can rely on Dan to dedicate ample time and attention to your defense. He will give you his honest opinion about your best options for resolving the case as favorably as possible. Depending on the facts of your specific case, he might be able to get the charges against you dropped or secure a favorable plea deal. If appropriate, he will not hesitate to defend you at trial.

During his 20+ years as a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA, Dan has helped clients fight back against all kinds of charges. He can help you with:

DUI Crimes:

Dan provides expert assistance with both the criminal charges and DMV penalties stemming from DUI arrests.

Sex Crimes:

A sex crime conviction can be extremely stigmatizing. You can count on Dan to use all available strategies and resources to clear your name.

Theft Crimes:

Dan has had great success helping first-time theft offenders secure beneficial pleas that include diversion programs or minor penalties. He also has a great track record with burglary and robbery accusations.

Drug Crimes:

Dan’s expertise in drug crime defense extends to possession, sales, trafficking, and manufacturing of illegal drugs as well as crimes stemming from misuse of legal prescription drugs.

Violent Crimes:

Dan will not be intimidated by even the most serious allegations of rape, murder, assault & battery, etc.. He’s ready to help as your criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA.

Your Case is Always a Priority at Chambers Law Firm

When choosing a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA, you want someone who will really care about your case and dedicate plenty of time to building your defense. Dan will never pass your case off to a junior associate. Instead, Dan communicates with every client personally and treats every case as a priority.

Meet Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Chula Vista CA for Free

Because your criminal defense matter is so important, you naturally want to make sure you find a criminal defense attorney in Chula Vista CA you feel you can really trust. We’re confident that once you meet Dan, you’ll know he is the right attorney for you. To schedule a free case evaluation with Dan, call us at 855-397-0210.

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