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You’re Not Alone: Learn How a Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Chula Vista CA Can Help

When a person faces a Third Strike and they know the significant penalties they could be facing, they may feel tempted to simply give up. They may decide to just plead guilty and give in to the charges they are facing. At Chambers Law Firm we want everyone in this position to know one thing: There are options and a three strikes defense lawyer in Chula Vista CA can help.

The Sentencing Enhancements that Accompany a Third Strike Should Be Taken Seriously

If a person is convicted of a Third Strike, they could face decades more in prison than if they had no criminal past. While we understand the reasoning behind the Three Strikes law, the truth is that it allows a judge to re-punish a person for past crimes they have likely paid their debt for. These are very serious charges and require the help of an experienced third strikes defense lawyer in Chula Vista CA.

The Third Crime in a Three Strikes Case Must Be Considered “Serious” or “Violent”

In order for the Third Strikes penalties to apply to a third strike, it must be a felony and the court must consider it “serious” or “violent. Some examples of Third Strike offenses that would count as a Third Strike include murder, child molestation, rape, robbery, kidnapping, certain types of assault, possession of drugs with intention to distribute, felonies in which you use a firearm, or a sexual violent crime.

We Will Work for a Not Guilty Verdict or to Have the Charges Dropped

We will always start by looking at the first and best option: Having your charges dropped or getting a not guilty verdict at trial. This is the best option because it means you will not have any penalties to face. However, if there is a wealth of evidence then your three strikes defense lawyer in Chula Vista CA may suggest a different option.

Your Charges Could Be Reduced

If you know there is a wealth of evidence against you and you are likely to be convicted, then you still have options. One is to have your three strikes defense lawyer in Chula Vista CA negotiate with the District Attorney to have your charge reduced. This involves the D.A. reducing your charges to a non-strike offense in exchange for your guilty plea.

We Can Work to Strike a Past Strike

We can use a Romero Motion to request that a judge dismiss a past strike conviction. The judge will then consider how serious that charge was, how serious the current charge is, and other information about you and your criminal history. If your three strikes defense lawyer in Chula Vista CA can convince the judge that it would not do you justice to be convicted of a third strike, this may work.

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