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Fight the charges against you with help from an expert elder abuse lawyer in Covina CA

A conviction for elder abuse can bring serious penalties, especially if it is a felony conviction and you have priors. With so much at stake, you need all the help you can get to beat the charges against you. Get expert Covina CA elder abuse lawyer Chambers Law Firm on your side now.

Why Choose Dan as Your Covina CA Elder Abuse Attorney

  • Dan can help you post bail and get released from custody fast
  • You can always reach Dan when you need him because he gives clients his cell phone number
  • Dan used to be a prosecutor and he knows how they think
  • Dan can help you get a second professional opinion on the medical or psychological evidence offered by the prosecution
  • Dan leaves no stone unturned when searching for evidence to support your defense

Start Building Your Case Now

The sooner you get an expert Covina CA elder abuse attorney on your side, the sooner you can begin building a strong case for your defense. Because Dan has good relationships with many local prosecutors, early intervention on his part can often greatly improve the chances of a favorable resolution to your case. For example, the prosecutor may decide to drop the charges, file reduced charges, or provide a quick and favorable plea deal.

Possible Defense Strategies

Often, elder abuse cases hinge on a he said/she said claim supported by questionable physical evidence. One strategy often used by an elder abuse attorney in Covina CA is to seek to prove that the injuries sustained were more consistent with an accident such as a fall than with deliberate physical abuse or any criminal negligence on your part. This is where the testimony of an expert physician becomes very valuable. Dan can recruit respected doctors to review the evidence in your case and serve as expert witnesses for the defense when appropriate.

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