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Secure the best possible outcome to your case with help from an expert drug crime attorney in Fontana CA.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related crime, don’t hesitate to call expert Fontana CA drug crime attorney Chambers Law Firm. No matter what kind of drug charges you may be facing, Dan will give your case the same dedicated attention and aggressive, intelligent service. He regularly defends against charges of:

  • Possession
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Sale or Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Use
  • DUI of Drugs

Whether your case involves an illegal drug or a prescription drug such as Vicodin or medical marijuana, Fontana CA drug crime lawyer Dan E. Chambers has the skills and experience required to secure the best possible outcome to your case.

Every Case Deserves an Expert Drug Crime Attorney in Fontana CA

Regardless of the penalties at stake in your case, a guilty verdict would have a huge impact on your future. Don’t give up without a fight! Get a dedicated drug crime attorney in Fontana CA on your side. While an overworked public defender may not take the time to explore every possible avenue for your defense, Dan E. Chambers will. You can also count on Dan to advise you of any drug diversion programs you may be eligible for and help you negotiate them as your Fontana CA drug crime lawyer.

Drug Crime Diversion Programs

California’s drug diversion programs offer some drug offenders the chance to stay out of jail and have their conviction erased from their criminal records. In his work as a drug crime lawyer in Fontana CA, Dan E. Chambers frequently represents clients in drug court and successfully negotiates pre-plea deals.

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Dan E. Chambers is known for his personalized, highly attentive service. He helps clients post bail any time of the night, and provides every client with his cell phone number. Call any time to schedule a free consultation 714-760-4088 where you can learn more about how this expert drug crime lawyer in Fontana CA can help with your case.

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