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Drug Crime Attorney in Fullerton CA

Secure the best possible outcome to your case with help from an expert drug crime attorney in Fullerton CA.

Drug CrimeIf you are facing charges related to a drug crime, be aware that strict penalties may apply. Don’t risk getting convicted for a crime you didn’t commit or getting sentenced more harshly than appropriate. Instead, contact expert Fullerton CA drug crime attorney Dan E. Chambers. Dan will devote ample time and attention to your case whether the charges against you involve:

  • Possession
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Sale or Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Use
  • DUI of Drugs

Thanks to his extensive experience in all kinds of drug defense cases, Dan can serve as your Fullerton CA drug crime lawyer whether your charges involve an illegal drug like cocaine, meth, or heroin, or misuse of a legal drug like Oxycontin or medical marijuana.

Every Case Deserves an Expert Drug Crime Attorney in Fullerton CA

Often, people fall into the trap of thinking that they don’t need a drug crime attorney in Fullerton CA. Maybe they think their crime is too minor to justify the expense, or maybe they think the evidence against them is too strong. However, it is never in your best interests to forgo superior counsel. Public defenders mean well, but they often take a cookie-cutter approach to drug defense cases. Dan E. Chambers, on the other hand, will provide a personalized strategy based on the facts of your particular case. As your Fullerton CA drug crime lawyer, Dan will also make sure you take advantage of any drug crime diversion programs you may be eligible for.

Drug Crime Diversion Programs

California’s drug diversion programs offer some drug offenders the chance to stay out of jail and have their conviction erased from their criminal records. In his work as a drug crime lawyer in Fullerton CA, Dan E. Chambers frequently represents clients in drug court and successfully negotiates pre-plea deals.

Call Now For a Free Consultation

At Chambers Law Firm, you get personal, individualized attention from Dan E. Chambers himself, not a paralegal or other underling. Dan can be reached on his cell whenever you need him. He even provides free consultations to individuals wishing to learn more about retaining him as their drug crime lawyer in Fullerton CA. Call now to schedule yours.

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