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Gun Charge Attorney in Fullerton CA

Are you facing charges for a gun violation or related crime? Expert Fullerton CA gun charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help.

[gunphoto]Although Californians are allowed to own and use guns, there are many limitations as to the type of weapons and ammunition that are permitted and the circumstances in which a gun may be discharged. The law can be complex, so if you have been charged with any kind of gun law violation, you may need an expert gun charges attorney in Fullerton CA to help you make sense of the situation. Dan E. Chambers is a highly respected attorney with considerable expertise in gun charge defense. He can help protect your rights no matter what type of charges you may be facing.

Types of Gun Charges

Gun charges may apply to a variety of situations, including selling, possessing, carrying, and discharging different types of guns. Within these categories there are different types of specific gun charges including:

  • Selling a gun without a license
  • Possessing an illegal gun
  • Failing to register a gun imported from another state
  • Carrying a loaded gun in public
  • Carrying a concealed gun without a license
  • Discharging a gun from a vehicle
  • Assault with a deadly weapon

As an experienced gun attorney in Fullerton CA who has been practicing law since 1991, Dan E. Chambers can provide expert representation for any of these gun charges as well as other gun charges. Dan will make sure you set reasonable legal goals for your case and then work tirelessly towards achieving them.

Beating Gun Charges

Depending on the type of gun charge you are facing, you may have several different options for your legal defense. One common defense is that the gun you allegedly possessed illegally did not actually belong to you. Another option is for your gun charge attorney in Fullerton CA to argue that the whole incident was a case of mistaken identity. As a former prosecutor himself, Dan understands how prosecutors think and he knows how to find the evidence and arguments that will undercut their strategies.

This Gun Charge Attorney in Fullerton CA Will Fight For Your Rights

In any criminal proceeding, it is important to know your rights are being protected because an undeserved conviction can result in serious repercussions affecting the rest of your life. When you hire Dan E. Chambers as your gun charge lawyer in Fullerton CA, you know you will get the help you need. Unlike your average gun lawyer in Fullerton CA, who might be content to provide a one-size-fits-all solution or hand your case off to a junior associate, Dan will deliver a highly personalized and effective legal strategy created just for you.

Get Help NOW

If you have been arrested for a gun crime or even if you are still just a suspect, it's never too early to contact an expert gun charge lawyer in Fullerton CA. Except when he's in court with another client, Dan is at your disposal 24 hours a day to provide legal assistance when you need it.

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