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For a strong defense, choose Dan E. Chambers as your identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA

Have you been accused of misusing someone else’s name, credit card number, bank account, or any other type of personal identifying information? One of the biggest challenges for defendants is that police and prosecutors tend to be very aggressive in pursuing identity theft cases and may be predisposed to charge the crime as a felony. It is absolutely essential that you hire a skilled identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA like Chambers Law Firm to defend your rights and interests.

Now you may wonder…

…what if I was caught red-handed? Do I still need an attorney?

YES, even if the evidence against you is so strong you believe you have no choice but to plead guilty, you need to consult an attorney. An experienced identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA like Dan may be able to change your mind about the situation. For example Dan might be able to:

  • Prove that although you possessed someone else’s information, you lacked the intent to use this information unlawfully that is central to the crime of identity theft
  • Prevent illegally obtained evidence from being used against you
  • Negotiate for a more favorable plea deal than the DA would be inclined to offer on their own

Why Choose Dan as Your Identity Theft Attorney in Fullerton CA

He’s Local: Every courthouse has its own little idiosyncrasies. As a local identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA, Dan knows the judges, DAs, and prosecutors you are likely to come up against and he can tailor your defense strategy to appeal to them.

He’s Experienced: Dan not only knows the law, he also understands how to apply it in real-world situations, thanks to his many years of courtroom experience. You can rely on him to provide honest and accurate advice about what outcomes can reasonably be achieved in your case and then work diligently on your behalf.

He Cares: Dan understands that any criminal charge can be extremely frightening and stressful, and he truly cares about helping you through this trying time as your identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA. When you hire Dan, you will work directly with Dan on all the vital aspects of your case. You won’t have to settle for a junior attorney and you will always be able to reach Dan on his cell phone when you need him.

Need Representation? Call Now for an Affordable Solution

Some defense firms use high prices to give themselves an air of exclusivity and imply that they are the best because they cost the most. At Chambers Law Firm, we let our results–not our prices–do the talking. If you need an identity theft attorney in Fullerton CA but don’t know how you can afford it, we can help. We’ll work with you to set up a solution you can afford.

You can take the first step towards securing quality representation right now, with no charge and no commitment. Call 714-760-4088 now to request your free initial consultation with Dan.

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