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While possessing very small amounts of marijuana is not a criminal offense in California, there are still many other situations that could lead to marijuana charges. If you’re facing drug charges related to marijuana, you can turn to Chambers Law Firm for help. Dan is an experienced Fullerton CA marijuana charge attorney who can help you build the strongest possible defense against any of the following charges:

  • Possession
  • Possession for Sale
  • Use
  • Sale & Transport
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture of Hashish or Concentrated Cannabis
  • DUI of Marijuana

Often, defendants face multiple charges from this list. This won’t faze an experienced attorney like Dan. As a dedicated marijuana charge attorney in Fullerton CA, Dan has the skills and knowledge required to develop strong defenses against multiple charges.

Charges Related to Medical Marijuana

A medical marijuana prescription entitles you to grow or hold as much marijuana as you need for treatment, but it doesn’t give you immunity from all kinds of charges. For instance, you could be accused of possession with intent to sell if you keep your medical marijuana in lots of little baggies rather than in medicinal jars. California law does provide the opportunity to defend yourself against some types of accusations in a pre-trial hearing. Your marijuana charge lawyer in Fullerton CA can help you with this hearing as well as with a criminal defense if necessary.

Why Choose Dan E. Chambers as Your Fullerton CA Marijuana Charge Attorney

Even if the charges against you are relatively minor, your case is no doubt very important to you. At Chambers Law Firm, we treat every client how we would like to be treated, dedicating all the time and energy that may be needed to building their defense, even if the charge is relatively minor. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, Dan knows exactly where prosecutors’ arguments are the weakest and how he can best exploit those weaknesses as your Fullerton CA marijuana charge lawyer. Even if the prosecution has very clear evidence of your guilt, Dan can still help by making sure that evidence was obtained legally and/or pursuing the possibility of a reduced charge or other plea deal.

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