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Have you been charged with a marijuana offense? Expert marijuana crimes attorney in Fullerton CA Dan E. Chambers can help.

Changing marijuana laws mean progress to some, but can lead to confusion for others. If you are confused about your rights under the law and whether or not you really can be prosecuted based on the circumstances of your case, you need to contact an experienced Fullerton CA marijuana crimes attorney like Chambers Law Firm. Dan will take a close look at your case and help you understand the various options you may have for resolving it in or out of court. Chambers Law Firm has ample experience in all kinds of drug charges involving marijuana, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession for Sale
  • Use
  • Sale & Transport
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture of Hashish or Concentrated Cannabis
  • DUI of Marijuana

We fight equally hard to defeat all types of charges, whether you have a couple hundred dollars or a couple years of freedom at stake. You never have to worry about your case going on the back burner or being given to an inexperienced junior attorney when you choose Dan as your Fullerton CA marijuana crimes lawyer.

DUI of Marijuana

Even if you have a medical prescription for marijuana, you may be subject to charges for DUI of marijuana. However, it is important to note that just because you’ve used marijuana recently doesn’t necessarily mean you are guilty of DUI of marijuana. The prosecution needs to prove that your driving ability was impaired due to the marijuana. This can be tricky to say the least. Dan E. Chambers can apply his extensive experience in DUI of alcohol cases to your DUI of marijuana case, using the same strategies to undermine key pieces of the prosecution’s evidence and cast doubt on their claim that you were impaired.

You Need a Marijuana Crimes Attorney in Fullerton CA Even If You Plead Guilty

Sometimes, people think that if they plan to plead guilty, an attorney can’t help them. This is not true! Even in cases where there seems to be overwhelming evidence against you, a Fullerton marijuana crimes lawyer can still provide vital services such as:

  • Ensuring any illegally obtained evidence gets thrown out
  • Seeking a reduced charge or sentence in a plea deal
  • Helping eligible defendants enter drug diversion programs

Don’t give up on your case before you hear what Dan E. Chambers has to say about it. Call now 714-760-4088 to set up a free initial consultation with this skilled marijuana crimes lawyer in Fullerton CA and learn more about his approach to securing positive outcomes for his clients.

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