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Shoplifting Attorney in Fullerton CA

Fullerton CA shoplifting attorney Dan E. Chambers may be able to help you avoid jail time

ShopliftingAccidentally taking an item outside of a store without paying for it happens more often than you think. The store security that caught you may not have been sympathetic to this defense, but Dan E. Chambers will be. As your Fullerton CA shoplifting attorney, he can help you demonstrate that the alleged theft really was an accident, thus proving lack of intent and destroying the prosecution’s case. This is not the only tactic Dan has at his disposal. He can also draw on a variety of other legal strategies to build a strong defense tailored to the unique circumstances of your case.

Are You a First-Time Offender?

Charge reduction and diversion programs can help first time offenders avoid many of the more serious consequences of a shoplifting conviction. Hiring Dan E. Chambers as your Fullerton CA shoplifting lawyer is an excellent way to make sure you make use of any and all such options available to you. For example, your shoplifting attorney in Fullerton CA may be able to convince the prosecutor to reduce your charge from a misdemeanor to an infraction. An infraction will not appear on your record and will be punished by a fine of $250 max.

Chambers Law Firm Handles Cases Big and Small

Whether you stand accused of stealing a $20 pair of pants or a $1,000 piece of jewelry, Dan E. Chambers will give your case the same dedicated attention as your shoplifting lawyer in Fullerton CA. Dan will work hard to gather the evidence that will enable him to secure the most favorable outcome possible to your case. Whether your best move is to push for a deal or let the matter go to trial, Dan will be with you every step of the way.

Call Now to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Shoplifting Attorney in Fullerton CA

Often, people make the mistake of believing that a shoplifting charge is no big deal and they should just plead guilty without consulting a shoplifting lawyer in Fullerton CA. Dan E. Chambers offers free initial consultations to help you avoid making this mistake. Call now to set up a free appointment where you can learn more about how Dan can help you secure a more favorable outcome to your case.

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