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If you’ve been charged with an internet crime, you can get the specialized representation your case deserves with Dan E. Chambers on the job as your internet crime lawyer in Huntington Beach CA. Dan’s many years of experience in criminal law encompass work as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, so he can see the evidence in your case from both sides. Using his in-depth knowledge of law and precedent on internet crimes, he can quickly zero in on an appropriate strategy that will undermine the prosecution while strengthening your position in order to secure the most positive outcome possible.

Some of the specific types of internet crimes we handle at Chambers Law Firm include:

  • Internet Fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Hacking
  • Identity Theft
  • Phishing
  • Data Theft
  • Online distribution of child pornography
  • And more

Securing the Best Possible Outcome in Your Case

When it comes to defending against charges for various internet crimes, naturally it all depends on the nature of the charges and the facts of your case. There are 3 main avenues that your internet crime lawyer in Huntington Beach CA might advise you to pursue:

  • Getting Charges Dropped: If you contact an attorney early enough in the process, they may uncover evidence that will convince the prosecutor that they can’t win the case, in which case they may drop the charges.
  • Plea Deal: If the evidence as to your guilt is quite strong, your attorney may advise you to enter a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced charge or reduced sentence.
  • Trial: If you don’t want to take a plea, you always have the option of defending yourself in court. Thanks to his dedication to building strong defense arguments and his skill in courtroom presentation, Dan E. Chambers makes an excellent internet crime lawyer in Huntington Beach CA for this scenario.

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When you’re in the middle of an internet crime case, you may have urgent questions for your internet crime lawyer in Huntington Beach CA. Fortunately, if Dan is your attorney it will be easy to get answers. You can call him on his cell any time, 24/7.

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No matter how large or small the penalties at stake in your case may be, you deserve quality representation from Dan E. Chambers. To get started, all you have to do is call 714-760-4088 and request a free initial consultation with your future internet crime lawyer in Huntington Beach CA.

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