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Don’t leave your future to chance: hire top Irvine attorney Dan E. Chambers for your defense

The moment you are charged with a crime, your future hangs in the balance. Will you have to spend months or years behind bars and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines? Will you be haunted by a conviction on your permanent record for the rest of your life? Or will you secure a more beneficial outcome?

In many cases, this answer can depend entirely upon your choice of attorney. Therefore, you need to be careful to choose a top Irvine attorney like Chambers Law Firm who will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome to your case.

Now you may wonder…

What Makes Dan a Top Irvine Attorney?


Dan is extremely passionate about his work in criminal law. In fact, he recently left a successful career in business litigation to return to his roots in criminal defense precisely because he wants to work in a field where he can make a positive difference in his clients’ lives.

Legal Expertise

Drawing on his nearly 25 years of legal experience—including a stint in the DA’s office early in his career—Dan delivers expert defenses for his clients no matter how daunting the charges against them may seem.

Whether your case can be best handled by early engagement with the DA to get charges dropped, by aggressively negotiating for a plea deal, or by mounting an expert defense in the courtroom to secure an acquittal, you can rely on Dan to identify the best strategy for your case and pursue it skillfully and tirelessly.

In his work as a top Irvine attorney, Dan has defended his clients against many different types of crimes. He can help you will charges for:

  • DUI Crimes including DUI of drugs
  • Drug Crimes including possession, sale or transportation, possession of drug paraphernalia, manufacturing, Prop 47 drug crimes
  • Sex Crimes including sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sex trafficking
  • White Collar Crimes including conspiracy, DMV perjury, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, insurance fraud, perjury, racketeering, theft, trade secret theft, welfare fraud
  • Internet Crimes including cybercrime, internet fraud, online identity theft
  • Violent Crimes including arson, assault & battery, burglary, domestic violence, elder abuse, homicide, kidnapping, stalking, vehicular manslaughter, weapon charges
  • Juvenile Crimes including status offenses and delinquency crimes

Client Satisfaction

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider Dan a top Irvine attorney is that his clients are extremely satisfied with his work. Dan’s commitment to handling each case personally, to dedicating ample time to researching the case and building a strong defense, and to being available to his clients 24/7 has earned him many accolades including:

  • Avvo 10.0 Superb rating for Criminal Defense & DUI
  • Avvo Top Contributor Award 2015 for Criminal Defense & DUI
  • Avvo Client’s Choice Award for 2014 for Criminal Defense & DUI
  • OC’s Top Lawyers 2014 from OC Register Metro

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