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You Are Not Out of Options: Learn How a Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Kern County Can Help

Too often, people who are facing a Third Strike conviction feel as though they are out of options. They feel that their only choice is to plead guilty and accept the consequences. The fact of the matter is that there are options available to you. Keep reading to learn more or contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 for a free legal consultation.

Let an Experienced Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Kern County CA Fight the Harsh Penalties You Are Facing

If true justice was done, a person would face penalties for the crime they were convicted of committing. Unfortunately, the Three Strikes Law goes against this idea. When it is implemented, a person convicted of a crime gets a penalty for a current conviction based on previous convictions they have already faced the consequences for. Do not go into this fight without an experience three strikes defense lawyer in Kern County CA.

The Third Crime in a Three Strikes Case Must Be Considered “Serious” or “Violent”

In order for the Third Strikes penalties to apply to a third strike, it must be a felony and the court must consider it “serious” or “violent. Some examples of Third Strike offenses that would count as a Third Strike include murder, child molestation, rape, robbery, kidnapping, certain types of assault, possession of drugs with intention to distribute, felonies in which you use a firearm, or a sexual violent crime.

The Best Option is to Have You Found Not Guilty of the Third Strike Offense

The best possible option for you to move forward is to have the charges for the Third Strike dropped or for you to be found not guilty. This results in no penalties. However, if there is evidence against you this can be a tricky option. Your three strikes defense lawyer in Kern County can help you determine the best option for your needs.

Your Charges Could Be Reduced

If you know there is a wealth of evidence against you and you are likely to be convicted, then you still have options. One is to have your three strikes defense lawyer in Kern County negotiate with the District Attorney to have your charge reduced. This involves the D.A. reducing your charges to a non-strike offense in exchange for your guilty plea.

It May Be Possible to Have a Previous Strike Reclassified

If there is no way around pleading guilty to a strikable offense, there is still one last solution your threes trikes lawyer in Kern County may be able to help you with: A Romero Motion. If granted, this requalifies a previous strike as a non-strikable offense. The person would still face sentencing enhancements for it being a second strike but would not be facing a third strike.

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