Laguna Beach CA

A small coastal city within Orange County, Laguna Beach CA has many art galleries, many beaches, and many coves. The main beach, appropriately named Main Beach, has tide pools a boardwalk, and paths to the gardens in Heisler Park. One of the most popular beach spots in Laguna Beach CA is Aliso Beach Park. Trails move throughout the coastal canyons in the city, and the waters off of Crystal Cover State Park are one of the few designated underwater parks in the state. At Chambers Law Firm, our goal is to find the best possible outcome for every client we work with. For some, this means taking their domestic violence case to court in Laguna Beach CA. In other instances, it means negotiating for the best possible plea bargain. Ideally, we can convince the judge there is not enough evidence, or that the evidence against you was not lawfully obtained, and have the Laguna Beach CA charges dropped altogether.

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