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Are you facing charges for any type of firearm violation? Expert Long Beach CA firearm charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help

The California Firearms Laws Summary is 18 pages long, so you might forgive yourself for having been unaware of some aspect of the law and gotten in trouble for it. As a leading firearm charge attorney in Long Beach CA, Chambers Law Firm understands all the ins and outs of state as well as federal law. He can help you gather the evidence needed to create a strong defense. Sometime he may even be able to get the charges dropped outside of court.

Dan E. Chambers Takes All Kinds of Firearm Cases

Dan E. Chambers regularly works as a firearm attorney in Long Beach CA on cases involving:

Sales: Violations related to firearm sales can happen if you sell a gun without going through a licensed California firearms dealer or fail to enforce the mandatory 10-day waiting period.
Possession: Examples of charges involving illegal firearm possession include a felon owning a gun, a new California resident failing to report their out of state gun, or anyone owning an assault weapon.
Carrying: In order to legally transport a firearm in a vehicle in California, the weapon must be unloaded (unless you have a special permit). Furthermore, handguns must be locked within a container other than the glovebox. As a firearm lawyer in Long Beach CA Dan E. Chambers sees lots of these kinds of charges.
Discharge: In general, it isn’t a good idea to fire your weapon unless you are using it in self defense. California has specific penalties for firing weapons negligently, firing from a moving vehicle, and firing on occupied or unoccupied structures.
Related Charges: Many firearm cases involve multiple charges, especially if the gun was allegedly used to threaten or injure someone. Lucky for you, Dan E. Chambers is more than just a firearm charge attorney in Long Beach CA and is actually skilled in all kinds of criminal defense matters.

Why You Need an Expert Firearm Attorney in Long Beach CA

Depending on the nature of your alleged crime and the number and type of charges against you, you may possibly be facing huge fines or even life in prison if convicted. Even if you are only facing a misdemeanor charge, the stakes are still high because you are risking a black mark on your permanent record.

Having a tenacious firearm charge lawyer in Long Beach CA like Dan E. Chambers on your side will help you deal with the stress of this situation. Dan E. Chambers will work hard to develop a personalized and effective legal strategy based on the facts of your specific case. It’s never too early to start building your defense. Call Chambers Law Firm now 714-760-4088.

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