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For a strong defense, choose Dan E. Chambers as your identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA

Have you been accused of improperly obtaining, using, or selling someone else’s personal identifying information? One of the biggest challenges for defendants is that police and prosecutors tend to be very aggressive in pursuing identity theft cases and may be predisposed to charge the crime as a felony. When facing this aggressive prosecution, you need your own identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA. Don’t trust your case to the public defender! Instead hire Chambers Law Firm.

Now you may wonder…

…what if I was caught red-handed? Do I still need an attorney?

YES, even if the evidence against you is so strong you believe you have no choice but to plead guilty, you need to consult an attorney. An experienced identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA like Dan may be able to change your mind about the situation. For instance, Dan could identify opportunities to:

  • Prevent the prosecution from proving you intended to use any personal information you may have possessed in an unlawful or fraudulent manner
  • Make sure any evidence obtained by illegal search and seizure is thrown out
  • Negotiate for a more favorable plea deal than the DA would be inclined to offer on their own

Why Choose Dan as Your Identity Theft Attorney in Long Beach CA

He’s Local: Dan has appeared in almost every local courtroom and he understands the quirks of each county courthouse. As your identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA he will use his local experience and connections to craft a strategy tailored to the proclivities of the judge, DA, and prosecutor involved with your case.

He’s Experienced: Dan has been practicing law for over 20 years. He understands how to apply legal principles to real-life scenarios to achieve the best possible outcome in a given defense case. He will always provide his honest opinion as to your best course of action in your case, based on his ample legal experience.

He Cares: Dan’s status as a top-rated attorney on Avvo proves that he takes his role as an identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA seriously and truly cares about each client’s future. He will handle all the important aspects of your case personally and never pass you off to a junior associate like some big law firms might.

Need Representation? Call Now for an Affordable Solution

Some defense firms use high prices to give themselves an air of exclusivity and imply that they are the best because they cost the most. At Chambers Law Firm, we let our results–not our prices–do the talking. If you need an identity theft attorney in Long Beach CA but don’t know how you can afford it, we can help. We’ll work with you to set up a solution you can afford.

It all starts with a free initial consultation with Dan to discuss your case. Call 714-760-4088 now to schedule an appointment.

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