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Have you been charged with a drug crime? Expert marijuana crimes attorney in Newport Beach CA Dan E. Chambers can help.

If you’re facing charges for crimes related to marijuana, you may be feeling pretty apprehensive about the impact a conviction could have on your future. Fortunately, you can turn to expert Newport Beach CA marijuana crimes attorney Chambers Law Firm for help. As a seasoned defense attorney, Dan has kept up with the latest developments in case law for marijuana crimes, and he can help you formulate the strongest possible defense against charges like:

  • Possession
  • Possession for Sale
  • Use
  • Sale & Transport
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture of Hashish or Concentrated Cannabis
  • DUI of Marijuana

Whether your case is large or small, Dan E. Chambers will treat you like his most valued client. Unlike other law firms that may pass off small cases to a junior Newport Beach CA marijuana crimes lawyer, at Chambers Law Firm Dan handles every case himself so you get the benefit of a seasoned litigator every step of the way.

DUI of Marijuana

Driving while apparently under the influence of marijuana could result in criminal charges, especially if you’ve caused an accident that injured another party. However, it is important to note that just because you’ve used marijuana recently doesn’t necessarily mean you are guilty of DUI of marijuana. The prosecution also needs to prove that the marijuana impaired your driving ability. This can be very problematic, because no one knows how much THC has to been in your system for you to actually become impaired. Dan E. Chambers knows exactly how to undermine key pieces of evidence against you, such as field sobriety tests and chemical tests, to ensure you are not unjustly convicted of DUI of marijuana.

You Need a Marijuana Crimes Attorney in Newport Beach CA Even If You Plead Guilty

Sometimes, people think that if they plan to plead guilty, an attorney can’t help them. This is not true! Even if the evidence against you is very strong, a Newport Beach CA marijuana crimes lawyer can still help by:

  • Ensuring any illegally obtained evidence gets thrown out
  • Seeking a reduced charge or sentence in a plea deal
  • Helping eligible defendants enter drug diversion programs

Remember, Dan E. Chambers never gives up on a client and you should never give up on yourself either. Call now 714-760-4088 to set up a free initial consultation with this skilled marijuana crimes lawyer in Newport Beach CA and learn more about his approach to securing positive outcomes for his clients.

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