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Hire an aggressive murder defense lawyer in Orange CA early to protect your rights and your future.

Are you trapped at the center of a murder investigation? Are you afraid police will land on you as their number one suspect? You are probably feeling totally overwhelmed and unsure of what you should do next. No matter how desperately you may want to convince the police you are innocent, you actually don’t need to be talking to them right now. What you need to do is:

Hire a murder defense lawyer in Orange CA immediately.

Sometimes people resist this idea because they think “lawyering up” immediately after contact with the police is the mark of a guilty individual. In reality, hiring an attorney is the mark of a smart individual. Remember, when it comes to defending against a murder charge, your every action must be carefully calculated to avoid inadvertently playing into police and prosecutors’ hands, and you will definitely need an attorney’s help to do this.

3 Vital Ways Your Attorney Can Help

  • Protecting your rights: In the US criminal justice system, every defendant has the right to fair treatment under the law. In practice, however, this right is sometimes infringed by police through intimidation or illegal search and seizure. With a murder defense lawyer in Orange CA working for you, you can rest assured that police will not be permitted to use illegal evidence to secure a conviction and destroy your life.
  • Investigating the case: While the police focus on finding evidence of guilt, your attorney will focus on finding evidence of your innocence. Chambers Law Firm and his team will leave no stone unturned in this effort.
  • Securing a fair outcome: Dan has an excellent track record of securing highly beneficial outcomes for his clients. He will work hard for you too, aggressively fighting for you to receive a positive outcome. Whenever possible, Dan will fight for a dismissal of the case or an acquittal at trial. But if the evidence against you is strong, he will most likely advise seeking a plea deal. Plea deal negotiations can be delicate but Dan has the experience and relationships to make them work for you.

Your Choice of Murder Defense Lawyer in Orange CA Matters

Of course, any representation is better than no representation. Nonetheless, you should not just automatically agree to the public defender or pick the first murder defense lawyer in Orange CA you hear of.

Instead, you will want to carefully investigate your choices and select the best, most experienced, and most dedicated attorney you can find. One excellent option is to choose a top-rated Avvo attorney like Dan E. Chambers. Working with Dan guarantees that you will receive personal attention from an attorney who really cares about your case. He will never pass you off to a junior attorney or make you go through layers of secretaries to reach him. Instead he is at your disposal personally 24/7 unless he is in court.

Start Building Your Defense Today

Remember, the sooner you hire a murder defense lawyer in Orange CA, the more protected you will be during the investigation and prosecution and the better your chance of a successful outcome to the case. You can get started today by calling 714-760-4088 and scheduling a free consultation to discuss your case with Dan.

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