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Get the best chance of receiving a charge reduction or diversion with help from Pomona CA petty theft attorney Dan E. Chambers

Although the penalties for a first-time petty theft conviction may not seem too daunting, each subsequent conviction brings harsher penalties until some individuals may end up facing felony charges and up to 3 years in federal prison. This means it is important to fight every charge against you with the help of an expert petty theft attorney in Pomona CA.

Why Choose Dan E. Chambers as your Petty Theft Lawyer in Pomona CA

No matter how simple or complicated your case may seem, it is always in your interests to have a skilled petty theft lawyer in Pomona CA on your side. Don’t waive your right to counsel, and don’t just assume the public defender will be good enough. Charge reduction and diversion are not automatic, but instead awarded at the discretion of the prosecutor. This means that you often need a persuasive attorney like Dan to convince the prosecution you deserve these privileges. Also, you need a dedicated Pomona CA petty theft attorney who actually cares about your case. Whereas public defenders are often overworked, Dan E. Chambers always has time for you. Dan will devote ample time to building your case, and you can reach him directly at any time on his cell phone.

Possible Defenses for Petty Theft

If it is your first time being charged with petty theft, it is probably in your best interests to enter a guilty plea and go the charge reduction or diversion route. However, if the evidence against you is not strong, or if you already have one conviction, Dan E. Chambers can help you prepare an expert defense. With Dan as your Pomona CA petty theft lawyer, you can rest assured you will receive expert advice about your best options, including the possibility of using any of the following common petty theft defenses:

  • You did not intend to steal or shoplift the item
  • The item actually belonged to you or you reasonably believed it did
  • The person who owned the item consented to you taking it
  • The evidence against you was obtained illegally
  • It was a complete case of mistaken identity

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