Rancho Bernardo CA

Located in the hills above San Diego, Rancho Bernardo CA is known as an upscale community combining attractive homes with tech job opportunities with companies like Sony, Broadcom, and HP. Unfortunately, the same rolling hills and rugged terrain that make Rancho Bernardo CA appealing have also made it dangerous. Many homes were destroyed in wildfires when firefighters could not get up the rugged canyons. While natural disasters can be hard to fight, legal disasters can often be averted with help from the right southern California criminal defense attorney. Whether you face a slap on the wrist for a minor drug offense or life in prison for a serious violent crime, Dan E. Chambers makes an excellent choice of attorney. He gives every case the same level of dedication, working hard to secure the best possible outcome. Dan has special experience in DUI, theft crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence. Call 714-760-4088 now for your free consultation.

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