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Secure the best possible outcome to your case with Chambers Law Firm as your insurance fraud attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA

Having insurance can provide important peace of mind and security, but unfortunately actually making a claim can be quite a hassle. All kinds of rules and restrictions apply to different types of coverage. It’s easy for well-intentioned individuals to make honest mistakes that could be construed as fraud.

Fortunately, Chambers Law Firm is here for you. We can serve as your insurance fraud attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA whether you are accused of:

  • Auto insurance fraud
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Medi-Cal insurance fraud
  • Unemployment insurance fraud
  • Workers’ comp fraud

Get The Best Legal Strategy for Your Case

At Chambers Law Firm, we believe that every client deserves personalized representation, including a legal strategy specifically tailored to the facts of their specific case. Depending on what our legal investigations uncover in your case, we may be able to argue that you lacked the element of intent that is necessary to commit fraud, or that there is insufficient evidence to convict.

Often, we are able to get the charges dropped by convincing the prosecution that, based on the available evidence, they are not likely to win their case in court. However, we can of course provide a quality courtroom defense if your case merits this approach from your insurance fraud attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA.

Now You May Wonder…

…What If I Want to Plead Guilty? Do I Still Need an Attorney?

Yes. You should never plead guilty without first consulting an attorney. First of all, your attorney may see defense possibilities you don’t see, raising the possibility of an acquittal. Secondly, if a plea really is your best option, your insurance fraud attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA can make sure you receive the mot lenient sentence possible.

Why Choose Chambers Law Firm as Your Insurance Fraud Attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA

As a former prosecutor himself, Dan E. Chambers understands the law as well as how prosecutors think. As your insurance fraud attorney in Rancho Bernardo CA, he can leverage this understanding in your case to help secure the best possible outcome given your goals and your budget. We understand you may be under considerable financial strain right now and we will work with you to provide the representation you need to achieve your goals in a way you can afford. Unless he is in court, Dan is available to you 24/7 to answer questions about your case.

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