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Any time you find yourself facing criminal charges, the situation can be pretty scary. Even in situations where a conviction wouldn’t even result in jail time, you still risk getting stuck with a black mark on your permanent record. If you want to protect your rights and your good name, the best thing to do is find a top-rated defense attorney to help you out. Why not try Dan E. Chambers? Chambers Law Firm has a perfect 10.0 rating on When you hire Dan as your internet fraud lawyer in San Bernardino CA, you know you will get superior service and communication about your case, as well as the most effective defense strategy possible.

Internet Fraud

Complicated Case? This Internet Fraud Lawyer in San Bernardino CA Can Handle It

Internet fraud cases have the potential to get quite complicated. Fortunately, Dan E. Chambers is an internet fraud lawyer in San Bernardino CA who has a detailed understanding of the law and is no stranger to complicated technical evidence. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges under state or federal law, Dan E. Chambers can help. Some of the types of internet fraud he can help with include:

  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Auction fraud
  • Non-delivery of merchandise fraud
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Overpayment fraud
  • Prize scams
  • Online securities fraud
  • Work-at-home scams
  • Computer hacking

Make Sure the Prosecution Plays Fair in Your Case

In addition to finding evidence that supports your defense strategy, your internet fraud lawyer in San Bernardino CA must also dedicate time and effort to defeating the prosecution’s evidence. Even if this evidence can’t be disproven, it may be possible to get it thrown out if it was collected illegally. When you have a tireless investigator like Dan on your side you can rest assured no illegal evidence will make it into the trial.

Why Choose Dan E. Chambers

We could spend pages discussing the reasons to choose Dan as your internet fraud lawyer in San Bernardino CA, but here’s the quick version:

  • Dan can connect you with reputable bail bond companies 24/7 to help you post bail fast.
  • You can reach Dan on his cell phone any time you need him.
  • Dan will work with clients so they can afford the representation they need
  • Dan sincerely cares about helping clients navigate the criminal justice system and he won’t rest until he’s found the best possible strategy for your case.

No matter how well-regarded an internet fraud lawyer in San Bernardino CA may be, you won’t want to hire them unless you feel in your gut that you can trust them. You can get a chance to meet Dan plus a free initial consultation about your case by calling 714-760-4088 now.

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