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Internet Crime Lawyer in Santa Ana CA

Choose and execute an effective defense strategy with help from your internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA.

Internet Crime Lawyer in Santa Ana CADue to the complexity of the laws surrounding different sorts of internet crimes, the public defender may have trouble giving you the best possible representation. Don’t risk it! Hire an experienced internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA such as Dan E. Chambers. Dan has decades of experience in criminal law and has worked both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney on all kinds of highly complex cases. He keeps up with case law and precedents on internet crimes and he can provide you with the aggressive and effective defense strategy needed to bring your case to the most favorable conclusion possible.

Dan E. Chambers represents clients accused of:

  • Internet Fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Hacking
  • Identity Theft
  • Phishing
  • Data Theft
  • Online distribution of child pornography
  • And more

Securing the Best Possible Outcome in Your Case

When it comes to defending against charges for various internet crimes, naturally it all depends on the nature of the charges and the facts of your case. However, every case presents the following 3 main options for an internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA to consider:

  • Getting Charges Dropped: If your defense attorney uncovers sufficient evidence in their own investigation, they may be able to convince the prosecutor that the charges have no merit which would result in the charges being dropped.
  • Plea Deal: If the evidence as to your guilt is quite strong, your attorney may advise you to enter a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced charge or reduced sentence.
  • Trial: Of course going to trial to defend yourself against the charges is always an option. Because Dan E. Chambers has ample courtroom experience and expert investigative skills, he can build you a strong legal defense in this situation as your internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA.

Reach Your Internet Crime Lawyer in Santa Ana CA When You Need Him

When you’re in the middle of an internet crime case, you may have urgent questions for your internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA. Fortunately, if Dan is your attorney it will be easy to get answers. You can call him on his cell any time, 24/7.

Start Building Your Defense Now

No matter how large or small the penalties at stake in your case may be, you deserve quality representation from Dan E. Chambers. Get the process started by calling 855-397-0210 to schedule a free initial consultation with Dan and learn more about what he can do for you as your internet crime lawyer in Santa Ana CA.

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