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Internet Fraud Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Accused of running an online scam? Hire your internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA today.

Internet Fraud Attorney in Santa Ana CAAccording to one report on fraud crimes, internet fraud losses were 19 times higher than offline fraud losses. Perhaps this is because the anonymity of the online environment makes deception easier. Whether you have been charged with internet fraud or are only being investigated, now is the time to hire an internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA.

One Internet Fraud Attorney in Santa Ana CA for All Charges

When looking for an internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, you want to be sure you select an attorney like Dan E. Chambers who understands both the California laws and the federal laws that may apply to the specific fraud alleged in your case. He can handle all the following types of internet fraud and more:

  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Auction fraud
  • Non-delivery of merchandise fraud
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Overpayment fraud
  • Prize scams
  • Online securities fraud
  • Work-at-home scams
  • Computer hacking

Failure to Benefit from a Fraud Will Not Protect You

Remember that just because prosecutors can’t prove that you benefited from an internet fraud doesn’t mean they can’t charge you, assuming they can prove you participated in an online scheme with intent to defraud. Whether or not a scheme was successful in defrauding others of money, property, or other interests will likely only affect the severity of the penalties you face. You will still face a charge and you will still need an internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA.

How Can Dan E. Chambers Help?

In his capacity as an internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, Dan E. Chambers provides assistance in the following important areas:

  • Bail: Thanks to his connections with reputable bail bonds companies, Dan E. Chambers can help clients post bail fast at any hour.
  • Strategy Advice: Depending on the strength of the evidence against you and the nature of the charges, you may be best served by seeking a plea for a reduced sentence or reduced charge rather than spending months or years in the criminal court system. Dan can advise you of your options.
  • Courtroom Representation: Dan E. Chambers has ample courtroom experience. If you choose to proceed to trial he will work hard to secure the evidence needed to build an aggressive defense and give you the best possible chance of beating the charges against you.

If you choose Dan as your internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, you can rest assured you will be kept informed of the progress of your case at all times. You will also have access to Dan via his personal cell phone at any time.

Call Now to Request a Consultation

To schedule a free initial consultation with Dan and vet him as a possible choice for your internet fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, please call 855-397-0210 now.

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