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Murder Defense Lawyer in Santa Ana CA

Hire an aggressive murder defense lawyer in Santa Ana CA early to protect your rights and your future.

Do you find yourself suddenly swept up in a murder investigation? Do you fear you may be arrested at any moment? Needless to say, this is an extremely serious situation and it may leave you virtually paralyzed with indecision as to how to proceed. No matter how desperately you may want to convince the police you are innocent, you actually don’t need to be talking to them right now. What you need to do is:

Hire a murder defense lawyer in Santa Ana CA immediately.

Asking for an attorney the moment you are questioned by police doesn’t make you look guilty like many people mistakenly believe. It just makes you look smart. Hiring an attorney protects you from making any mistakes in your interactions with police that could harm your case.

3 Vital Ways Your Attorney Can Help

Protecting your rights: Hiring a murder defense lawyer in Santa Ana CA is the best way to ensure police treat you fairly. Dan can be present during questioning to guard against police intimidation and he can also make sure any warrants are obtained and executed properly.

Investigating the case: You can rely on Dan and his team to investigate every possible avenue for your defense. This includes looking for witnesses and evidence to support your side of the story.

Securing a fair outcome: Dan has an excellent track record of securing highly beneficial outcomes for his clients. He will work hard for you too, aggressively fighting for you to receive a positive outcome. Depending on the evidence, this may include seeking a plea deal that will reduce the charge from murder to a lesser charge, or seeking an acquittal at trial.

Your Choice of Murder Defense Lawyer in Santa Ana CA Matters

Deciding to hire an attorney is an excellent first step and will certainly improve your defense to some degree, no matter who you choose. However, not all defense attorneys are created equal. For a serious charge like murder, you don’t want to just pick a murder defense lawyer in Santa Ana CA at random.

Instead, you will want to select an attorney with a proven track record of success like Dan E. Chambers. Working with Dan guarantees that you will receive personal attention from an attorney who really cares about your case. He will never pass you off to a junior attorney or make you go through layers of secretaries to reach him. Instead he is at your disposal personally 24/7 unless he is in court.

Start Building Your Defense Today

Don’t forget, you can hire a murder defense lawyer in Santa Ana CA as soon as you suspect you are a person of interest in a case. This will afford you the best protection and the best possible chance of an acceptable outcome to your case. It all starts with a free initial consultation with Dan. Call 855-397-0210 now to schedule yours.

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