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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Accused of mistreating a resident? Protect your good name with help from a nursing home abuse attorney in Santa Ana CA.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Santa Ana CABy 2050, nearly 90 million Americans will be age 65 or older and 19 million will be age 85 or older. Many of these individuals will need some amount of nursing home care, whether they become a permanent resident or need short term care while recovering from an injury or illness. The nursing home industry is already overburdened and unstaffed, a condition that has led to an “epidemic” of nursing home abuse. More residents will most likely mean even more complaints.

As a nursing home worker, you may face allegations of abuse in your career and some may even proceed to court. For the best possible chance of clearing your good name, exercise your legal right to quality defense counsel by calling a nursing home abuse attorney in Santa Ana CA like Dan E. Chambers as soon as accusations are made.

Expert Defense for All Types of Abuse Charges

California law takes abuse of elders and other vulnerable individuals very seriously, and provides for many different types of abuse to form the basis for charges. This includes:

  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect and endangerment
  • Emotional and psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse

As an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Santa Ana CA, Dan E. Chambers can provide a strong defense against any charge, regardless of the specific type of abuse involved. He will not shy away from pursuing a challenging legal strategy if that provides the best possible chance of a favorable resolution to your case, but instead will work hard to gather the necessary evidence. As a former prosecutor himself, Dan is especially skilled at identifying and undermining the types of evidence and arguments that prosecutors will be relying on to prove their charge.

Accident or Abuse?

Unfortunately, false nursing home abuse charges are sometimes raised after accidents because residents have physical or mental issues that prevent them from telling their side of the story, and well-meaning family members assume the worst. For example, maybe a resident has a large bruise or a broken bone. This type of injury could be caused by a fall rather than any deliberate harm on the part of a caretaker. Your nursing home abuse attorney in Santa Ana CA can help clear up the situation using the testimony of expert witnesses who can examine the evidence relating to the injury and say whether it is more likely to have been caused by an accident or abuse.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Whether charges have been filed or you have just been accused of abuse, a nursing home abuse attorney in Santa Ana CA can help protect your rights and interests. Get your free initial consultation with Dan E. Chambers by calling 855-397-0210 now. He will help you understand the charges against you and provide an overview of your options for resolving the case.

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