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Weapon Charge Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Are you facing charges related to guns, knives, or other weapons? Expert Santa Ana CA weapon charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help

[gunphoto] California is known for its strict laws about guns and other weapons. Depending on the circumstances, you may be risking life in prison for your weapon charge, especially if it is connected to the commission of a violent felony that qualifies for sentencing enhancements. No matter what kind of charges you may be facing or how high the stakes are, Dan E. Chambers can help by serving as your weapon charge attorney in Santa Ana CA.

Illegal Weapons Charges

Though the majority of California weapons laws do deal with firearms, there are also many laws dealing with other types of "generally prohibited weapons," including brass knuckles, switchblades, ballistic knives, throwing stars, blackjacks, and cane swords. Possessing a generally prohibited weapon can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances of your case. As a seasoned weapon charge lawyer in Santa Ana CA, Dan E. Chambers has successfully handled all kinds of possession cases and he can help you build a strong defense.

Crimes Committed with Weapons

As a weapon attorney in Santa Ana CA who also has a strong background in all aspects of criminal defense, Dan E. Chambers is able to provide first-class representation for cases involving charges for crimes committed with legal or illegal weapons, including:

This Weapon Charge Attorney in Santa Ana CA Is Here When You Need Him

Because Dan understands the stress, confusion, and even fear you may be facing, he makes a point of being available to his clients 24/7. If you hire him as your weapon charge attorney in Santa Ana CA, you'll be able to call his cell and reach him directly to discuss your case at any time. He’ll begin working hard to defend your interests from the moment he takes your case. If you’ve already been arrested, he can use his contacts to help you post bail fast. Then, he’ll begin examining the evidence in your case, looking for any facts that can be used to undermine the prosecution’s case against you. Thanks to his ability to combine meticulous research with original thinking, Dan E. Chambers has had great success in crafting highly effective, personalized legal strategies for his clients as a weapon lawyer in Santa Ana CA. Call today to schedule your first meeting with Dan.

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