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Welfare Fraud Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Protect your rights by hiring an aggressive welfare fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA now.

Are you facing charges for allegedly taking welfare benefits you don’t actually qualify for? If so, you are probably very worried about potentially ending up in jail and losing your benefits to boot. In such a serious situation, you need the best possible representation. Instead of relying on the public defender, hire your own specialized welfare fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, Dan E. Chambers. Dan will fight aggressively for your rights.

We Handle All Kinds of Welfare Fraud Charges

Welfare fraud may be committed by state employees (internal fraud) or by individuals (recipient fraud). Dan E. Chambers can serve as your Santa Ana CA welfare fraud lawyer in either case. Dan has over 20 years of experience in criminal law and has seen cases involving every type of fraud in virtually every state program, including:

  • CalWORKS
  • CalFresh
  • General Assistance/General Relief
  • Medi-Cal

This Welfare Fraud Lawyer in Santa Ana CA Gives You Options

Every welfare fraud case is different, and depending on the specifics of your case you may have the option of:

  • Pleading Not Guilty: If you want to plead not guilty, Dan can help you develop a strong defense. For example, he might seek to prove that you lacked the intent to defraud the state, in which case any errors you made in reporting information were simple accidents, not criminal acts.
  • Agreeing to Restitution: You may be able to avoid jail time by agreeing to a restitution plan. This involves repaying the value of the benefits taken by fraud and pleading guilty to a reduced charge.

You can count on Dan E. Chambers to give you expert advice as to which option to choose, based on his years of experience as a welfare fraud lawyer in Santa Ana CA.

Get a Direct Line to your Welfare Fraud Attorney in Santa Ana CA

When you choose Dan E. Chambers as your welfare fraud lawyer in Santa Ana CA, you will work directly with him on your case. You’ll never get pushed off onto a junior attorney or stuck playing phone tag with secretaries. Instead, you’ll have Dan’s personal cell phone number so you can reach your attorney quickly.

Don’t Forget Related Charges

While you obviously do need a specialized welfare fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA, don’t forget that your case will likely involve other criminal charges such as perjury, grand theft, conspiracy, and computer fraud. Fortunately, no matter how complicated your case may be or how many different charges may be involved, Dan E. Chambers has the skills and experience you need to fight back aggressively and effectively.

Call Now for a Free Consultation

The last step in choosing a welfare fraud attorney in Santa Ana CA is to check for personal chemistry. Come meet Dan in person by scheduling your free consultation now.

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